Intimacy and Connection

We long for deeper and more authentic connections, particularly with our romantic partners. So what keeps us from creating them? Here, three Morehouse teachers share expert insights, and shed light on how we can both respect and challenge our own fear-based barriers.

This week on The Living Experiment, we bring you the third in a series of four special guest episodes featuring teachers from Lafayette Morehouse. For more background on this series, check out the introduction to the first Lafayette Morehouse episode, “Resistance to Pleasure”.

In this episode, Pilar talks to teaching trio Judy St. John, Colin Selig and Janet Ribaldi about Intimacy and Connection – our human longing for it, the fears and social programming that get in the way, and the steps we can take to create the deeper sense of authentic connection that most of us desire.

A lot of the Morehouse teachings focus on the value of relationships, and the opportunity we have to amplify our enjoyment of life by relating to others with more attention, awareness and authenticity. Morehouse teachings also focus on sensuality as an important aspect of a gratifying life, so we touch on that, too.

A quick reminder that the episodes in this series were recorded live on location at the Lafayette Morehouse campus, Lafayette, California.

“Intimacy and Connection” Episode Highlights

  • The human need to feel connected to other people, and why putting on a facade can lead to loneliness rather than acceptance
  • Our tendency to lie or omit in our personal interactions, how much that costs us, and how revealing our authentic feelings builds intimacy
  • The loss of mutual interest that happens in some long-term relationships, the distance caused by making wrong assumptions, and how to continue growing together rather than apart
  • Why the way we treat people influences how we feel about them
  • Ways to enliven intimate connections

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Please note that while neither this episode nor its show notes includes any graphic or explicit sexual content, they do reference sensual experiences, and the links within this section may take you to sites through which you may discover more explicit content. Please explore at your own discretion.