Fitspo — short for fitness inspiration — is everywhere (especially on social media), and it may be doing us more harm than good. In this episode, we challenge the notion that comparing your body to others’ is likely to be a positive source of motivation. And we suggest ways of relating more consciously to the Fitspo memes and messages that show up in your own world.

“Fitspo” Episode Highlights

  • The Fitspo phenomenon that’s flooding our social media feeds (3:25)
  • The important difference between internal and external motivations (5:30)
  • Why Fitspo tends to increase anxiety and lower self-esteem (6:45)
  • How supposedly inspirational pop-culture memes and messages are negatively shaping our self-image (8:15)
  • How to spot and deal with the onslaught of “you’re not good enough” messages we’re slammed with daily (10:30)
  • The problem of chasing superficial body ideals at the cost of your long-term health (14:30)
  • Why buying into a perfect-body fantasy is unlikely to get you what you really want (19:10)
  • Dallas shares his own history as a skinny, scrawny kid, and how he came to terms with his own best body (22:15)
  • Evaluating whether your social media feeds reflect your real-life goals and priorities (24:35)
  • When you’re the one posting Fitspo — how to get more conscious about what you’re sharing, and why (26:40)
  • Experiments for the week (29:40)

This Week’s Experiments

Dallas suggests:

Notice the Fitspo images you come across. How do they make you feel about yourself?

  • Pause at images of fit bodies on social media and in advertisements. Ask yourself: Do these make my life better?

Pilar suggests:

Think about ditching social media feeds that don’t match your real-life goals and values. Ask yourself how your own Fitspo posts represent you.

  • Go through your social media channels and consider deleting and un-following any feeds that post images or messages that don’t serve you (and particularly those that make you feel worse about yourself).
  • Look at your own profile and social feeds. What messages are you sending with your fitness posts? Do they reflect who you really are and what you most care about?

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