Healthy vs. Hot

What’s the difference between “Healthy” and “Hot”? We share what those descriptors mean to us, and how our definitions have evolved. We address the problem of hyper-perfected ideals in the media, the potential downsides of chasing aesthetics, plus experiments that can help you shift your own body-image ideals in a healthier, happier direction.

“Healthy vs. Hot” Episode Highlights

  • Looking better vs. feeling better: Pursuing health (not just the appearance of it) for wise reasons (02:22)
  • Redefining “health” both mentally and emotionally (09:45)
  • What do we mean when we call someone “hot” and what’s that all about? (12:45)
  • Expressions of health as a signifier of potential-mate value, plus the evolutionary biology phenomenon of “faked fitness” (24:30)
  • Choosing good role models for health (36:45)
  • Reframing and refocusing your goals for health and fitness (40:00)
  • Experiments for the week (47:00)

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