Travel can pose serious challenges for health-seeking people — from limited food options and excessive seat time to increased stress and disrupted sleep. We share some of our best tips for pre-trip preparation AND for rolling with whatever random conditions you’re faced with out on the road.

This week on The Living Experiment, we’re talking about Travel — the real challenges it poses for health-seeking people, and smart things you can do to make it easier on your body and mind.

Dallas starts by sharing a little about his recent run-in with hotel bed bugs. Eek! Then we get into the more typical array of pesky problems that most health-conscious travelers face — from limited food options, disrupted sleep, and excessive seat time, to dealing with special temptations, increased stress and social isolation.

We share some of our best tips and tricks for pre-trip preparation, and for rolling with whatever conditions you’re faced with out on the road, up in the air and while stuck in random hotels.

We wrap up with some easy experiments you can try out on your next trip.

“Travel” Episode Highlights

  • Why traveling (especially for work) can take a huge toll on your health (3:25)
  • Dallas shares his unfortunate encounter with bed bugs (4:45)
  • The challenges of healthy eating on the road, and why planning and preparing so important (8:00)
  • Why breakfast is a big deal (11:00)
  • Packing “low-maintenance” food for the trip (12:15)
  • Pilar’s “Quick-Trick Snack Stack” (14:50)
  • The special lure of cravings on the road (16:20)
  • Finding healthy options away from home (19:00)
  • Consider bringing some condiments (23:10)
  • Weighing your options — eating junk vs. not eating at all. (25:00)
  • Getting to sleep in weird hotel rooms (27:30)
  • The worry of waking up on time (32:55)
  • Why relying on TV to wind down or fall asleep is a bad idea, and how to avoid it with a bedtime ritual (34:15)
  • Staying “regular” when you are off your normal schedule and out of your normal environment (39:30)
  • Fitting in exercise (or not) (41:30)
  • The value of getting out and about (46:50)
  • Being where you are vs. being consumed by your digital devices (48:30)
  • Experiments for the week (54:00)

Tweak your hotel room for better sleep. Plus: Ask locals for on-the-ground advice. 

  • Lower the room temperature, use a white-noise app to cover ambient sounds, and get the room as dark as possible (blocking light from clocks, under the door, etc.)
  • Connect with the people in the community by getting their suggestions for what to do and where to go.

Avoid an unhealthy, mediocre breakfast by packing your own basic supplies. Plus: Mimic your home evening routine while staying in your hotel.

  • Bring nuts, seeds, flaked coconut, and dried fruit with you, and order fresh berries and yogurt as a base. Having eggs? Ask for a side of sautéed greens.
  • Make your hotel life feel more like home by maintaining your normal evening routine. Take a shower, unpack your suitcase, settle in.

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