One-Year Ramble

This week we reflect on what we’ve learned during our first year of podcasting (warts and all). We also look forward at what we see coming next, and call for the creation of more meaningful conversations as a means for self-discovery, pleasure and connection.

In this episode of The Living Experiment, we go on a One-Year Ramble, reflecting on what we’ve learned over the course of our first year of doing this podcast, warts and all.

We explore what we’ve both taken away from our conversations and our friendship, and from our personal and professional journeys over that time.

From observations on the state of health media, to insights about our own strengths and weaknesses, we consider the body of work we’ve created, and where we see ourselves going next.

Finally, we offer an experiment that gives you the opportunity to connect and reflect with a friend on the nuances of your own life experience.

“One-Year Ramble” Episode Highlights

  • Reflections on what Dallas and Pilar have learned about podcasting, and themselves, over the past year
  • How their lives and work have brought them here, and some current life experiences
  • The challenges of creating deep, authentic, useful content in today’s hype-driven health-media environment
  • What’s up next — for Dallas and Pilar individually, and for the podcast
  • A call to send us your questions for our listener Q&A feature

This Week’s Experiment

From Dallas and Pilar: Sit down with a friend and have a one-hour, face-to-face conversation about the year behind you, where you are at now, and how you feel about things. Take turns sharing from the heart and being good listeners.

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