Mini Update from Pilar

When life gets weird, the weird get going. We also get creative. Here, Pilar offers an update on new episodes, the retreat that isn’t happening anytime soon, and her Healthy Deviant U experience (which IS happening — now!). Plus a drinkable experiment.

Life continues to be weird. So we are just rolling with it.

Here, Pilar offers some updates and options for folks who want to stay connected and who are eager keep experimenting through the rest of 2020.

“Mini Update” Episode Highlights

  • Our commitment to staying true to the energy of the moment and this podcast
  • The challenges of remotely recording podcast episodes in the context of COVID-19 and all its attendant disruptions
  • The necessity of putting our retreat plans on hold for now (our growing wait list will have to keep waiting!)
  • One potential retreat alternative: Pilar’s Healthy Deviant U experience
  • Healthy Deviant U includes:
  • A year’s worth of twice-monthly course sessions with real-life experiments that help you advance your Healthy Deviant skills and confidence — step by step, stage by stage
  • Alternate-week, twice-monthly office hours with live group coaching and Q and A sessions to help you create greater clarity and momentum
  • Individualized hot-seat coaching opportunities to help you navigate past hurdles and stuck spots
  • Community support and accountability, with access to Pilar and a merry band of fellow Healthy Deviants for non-stop encouragement (and gentle-tough love when needed)
  • Regular infusions of Healthy Deviant wisdom, multimedia content, and tools designed to keep you inspired and moving ever-forward
  • The four phases of the year-long HDU program focus on helping you establish the three Nonconformist Competencies of Healthy Deviance and then step confidently into your own Healthy Deviant identity

Make yourself a Healthy Deviant mocktail:

  • Fill your favorite cocktail glass half full with ice
  • Add your preferred kombucha up to the top of the ice
  • Add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of juice — whatever 100% pure, preferably organic fruit or berry juice you like (consider apricot or mango nectar)
  • Top off the glass with sparkling water, ideally something with a simple flavor like lemon, lime, tangerine — or plain
  • Gently stir
  • Add a twist of lemon peel, squeeze of lime, or some other fun garnish, taking a moment to run the citrus peel around the rim of the glass
  • If you want to get fancy, add flowers or umbrellas, or whatever makes you feel celebratory

Smell the drink as you take your first sip, and enjoy!


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