Conscious Language with Cat Thompson

We got such a huge response from our original Conscious Language episode, we invited Pilar’s friend and teacher Cat Thompson to come talk about the subject in more depth. Here, Cat shares expert insights about how and why our language choices have such a huge impact on our outlook and our actions, and how being more intentional in your language can change your life for the better.

This week on The Living Experiment, by listener request, we’re doing a special guest-episode follow-up on the topic of Conscious Language, a subject we originally addressed way back in episode #66.

Joining Pilar this week is Cat Thompson. She’s the teacher and friend who originally introduced Pilar to the study of Conscious Language.

Conscious Language is about noticing and choosing your words with awareness. It’s also about recognizing that everything you say both reflects and influences your daily reality — your perspectives, beliefs, attitudes, energy, and intention.

Here, Cat shares her expert insights about how Conscious Language works, and about why it might be worth incorporating into your life.

“Conscious Language with Cat Thompson” Episode Highlights

  • “I am …” statements as a declaration and reflection of your reality
  • Thinking about “I want …” as a self-programming intention to desire without having, and how rephrasing with more intention can bring the desired experience closer
  • Language that expresses victimization and fear vs. empowerment and creation
  • The Automatic Negative Thoughts stemming from childhood traumatic events and ancestral history, and how paying attention to our words can be the first step towards healing
  • Cat’s simple questions to help process and evolve negative emotions
  • The manifestation of guilt in “I should …” statements
  • Suggestions for where and how to start changing your language to serve you better
  • “I” vs. “You” statements, and speaking only from your own experience
  • Why the younger generations are creating their own language, and considering that their language might be what they’ll need to function in a high-tech future
  • The emotional awareness and Healthy Deviant skills required to move from a victim reality to a creator reality

Cat’s Experiment of the Week

If you’re feeling stressed or upset about something, use this worksheet to walk through your emotions. Later, when you’re not feeling so triggered, go back and look at the words your emotions used to talk to you. Notice what the different parts of your personality are trying to express, and how they’re creating those expressions. Do you see any trends that might make you aware of when you’re moving into a negative emotion?

Pilar’s Experiment of the Week

Review one of the Resources in the list below. Notice what you have an appetite fordoes something really pique your curiosity, trigger a reaction or ring particularly true for you? If you’re inspired to upgrade your own language, engage a friend and talk about what you observe in each others’ speech.

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