Research shows that your daily commute can have a huge impact on your health and happiness. So here, we share our strategies for redesigning your commute experience, and for consciously reclaiming this valuable transition time in ways that make your life better.

This week on The Living Experiment, we’re talking about the art of the Commute — the strategies that can make our daily trips less stressful and more rewarding, and the subtle shifts of attitude that can make them easier on your body and mind.

From redesigning your commuting environment to being more mindful of your media, we explore the skills and techniques that can rescue commuting from the realms of drudgery and elevate it to a daily practice you actually enjoy.

Finally, we offer you some experiments that can help you make your commute work better for you.

“Commute” Episode Highlights

  • First, a listener question: What role can desserts play in a healthy eating plan?
  • Next, Commute: Research that says the longer your commute, the less happy you are likely to be — but there are ways around that
  • Why your commute might be decreasing your quality of life, and strategies for becoming a more conscious commuter
  • The different characteristics of trips to and from work, and tips for entrepreneurs who are never off duty
  • Using your commute to get some outdoor time
  • The high costs of going unconscious in the car

For one week, instead of listening to talk radio, podcasts, news, or music that includes advertising, create your own playlist of songs or listen to an audio book. Or try silence and deep breathing.

1) Consciously redesign your commute environment. Declutter your car, organize its contents, introduce some essential oils and other sensory pleasures. If you don’t commute by car, think about other ways you can create a healthier, more enjoyable experience for yourself. Notice how the act of making those changes shift your commuting experience.

2) Practice Commuting Kindness, where you actively look for opportunities to accommodate other drivers, behave in friendly ways, project kind thoughts, and graciously anticipate their needs. 

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