We live in a “do more” culture — one that endlessly encourages us to take on new goals, to pile task upon task. But what happens when your to-do list starts to feel overwhelming? Or when you simply long for more space in your life? Here, after 100 episodes, Dallas and Pilar talk about their decision to take a break from recording in order to work on their new books — and why you might want to hit some pause buttons in your own life.

This week we’re talking about taking a Break — the value of choosing to pause a project or commitment, and the factors you might consider in doing so.

We share the reasons — after 100 episodes, close to a million downloads, and 10 full seasons of live-and-in-person collaboration — we’re choosing to take a breather from our established recording schedule.

We reflect on both the demands and rewards that have come along with co-producing this weekly podcast over the past three years.

We also share a preview of the projects and priorities we’re both working on now, and what we’ll be producing over the next few weeks and months.

Finally, we share some experiments to help you reflect on your current use of time, energy, and resources — and why you might want to considering taking some well-deserved breaks in your own life.

“Break” Episode Highlights

  • Moving from a weekly format to a schedule that works for us as we are working on our respective books
  • What you might be hearing from us during the interim, and why you should remain subscribed to the podcast
  • Reflections on where the podcast fits into our lives, schedules, and career plans
  • What we’ve learned about the technical and logistical aspects of producing a podcast
  • The reasons we launched the podcast, and why we’re pausing it now
  • Encouragement to find helpful, shareable information in our previous 99 episodes, and via our personal sites and social feeds
  • Suggested resources and places to turn for continued insight and inspiration
  • Some ways to reconsider the commitments you’ve made and look for opportunities to take breaks in your own life
  • A reminder to stay in touch with us via our sites, mailing lists, and social channels: Visit www.pilargerasimo.com and www.dallashartwig.com
  • P.S. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to this podcast to get previous episodes and get new content as soon as it becomes available

Challenge yourself to look at the way your life is operating currently, and focus on something that is recurring — a subscription, a weekly class or podcast, a regular TV series. Ask yourself if it still serves you in the way it did when you first started. If it doesn’t, let it go.

Make a list of your commitments and pick one or two that you could renegotiate. That might mean downsizing or opting out, finding someone else to help, swapping tasks, or finding some other creative way to temporarily or permanently take a break from what you’ve been doing.

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