Feeling a little lonely? Join the club. We talk about the discomfort and stigma of loneliness, and the negative impacts it has on our well-being. We explore why social isolation has become more common (even as we’ve gotten more “plugged in”), and how we can connect with each other in more meaningful ways.

“Lonely” Episode Highlights

  • What is loneliness? Why do we get lonely? Dallas and Pilar share their thoughts (1:30)
  • How loneliness affects our lives and overall health (6:35)
  • Skin hunger (10:55)
  • Using television as a social crutch (13:30)
  • Recognizing loneliness and social withdrawal as a societal issue (15:00)
  • Untangling the knot of loneliness (20:25)
  • Social feeds as digital junk food — calories but no nutrients (24:30)
  • Why face-to-face contact matters (35:50)
  • Building the skills of assessing and alleviating your own loneliness (39:50)
  • Experiments for the week (50:30)

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