YES! I’m interested in a retreat with Dallas and Pilar!

  • Spend 3 to 5 days with Dallas and Pilar in a beautiful retreat setting
    Learn — by doing — the essentials of maintaining health, happiness, and sanity in an unhealthy world
  • Practice daily habits and rituals that support your energy, focus, resilience, autonomy and wellbeing
  • Conduct daily “living experiments” — tweak your current choices in directions that work better for you
  • Eat yummy, fresh, nourishing whole foods and learn the art of conscious eating
  • Enjoy optional guided morning and evening group meditations
  • Get your body in motion without stress or pain via yoga, walks, and at-your-own pace bodyweight workouts
  • Get plenty of high quality sleep, social connection, and “you” time
  • Spend time outdoors in safe, peaceful environment
  • Disconnect and take conscious breaks from your digital devices
  • Get your burning questions for Dallas and Pilar answered — live and in person!
    Learn how to take your new healthy habits home with you