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Big thanks to Brian Johnson and our brilliant friends at Heroic and Optimize!


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Optimize is all about changing the world. One person at a time.


We’re so grateful for the support this podcast receives from Brian Johnson and his amazing Optimize team. And so happy to offer YOU free access to the entire Optimize content library, including …

  • 600+ PhilosophersNotes
  • 1,000+ Optimize “+1s” (Brian’s brilliant, snack-size wisdom bits!)
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Yeah, we used to offer our listeners a lovely 10% discount, but now? Now can get it all FREE. Kind of mind-blowing — no strings attached, just a whole lot of life-changing goodness.

Optimize by Heroic

Imagine the absolute best wisdom and biggest ideas on living healthy, happy lives, all organized and packaged into a digital library that you could access from anywhere.

That’s Optimize — the brainchild of Pilar’s longtime pal and collaborator, Brian Johnson. You’ve already heard a lot about Brian, and you’ve probably noticed that we include resources from the Optimize library in our podcast resources all the time. That’s because it is GREAT STUFF.

The Optimize library includes summaries of the biggest ideas from over 600 books, more than a thousand simple practical tips called “+1s”, and 50 Optimal Living classes that cover everything from how to journal or set audacious goals, to conquering procrastination or building confidence.

Life Wisdom on Tap — for Free, for YOU!

All this brilliant wisdom available whenever you need it — on the device of your choice, and instantly accessible via the handy Optimize app? Yes!

There is nobody better at selecting and thoughtfully compressing wisdom than Brian Johnson.